If your site is easy to navigate, if you want more visitors. Visitors should be able to clarify, can find clear connections quickly and easily. The easy menu is easy to navigate your visitors. According to the most important pages on each page, so visitors can easily navigate through your site.

If you want your website to meet the needs of the visitors, it should be easy to use and easy to navigate. The links to show when the user can easily find. Make the menu

The easy website for users to navigate. In this way the visitors find their way back, must have on each page a visible link on the homepage.

You do not have to just leave your site leaving every pixel in the room with you available space. Feeling overwhelming use or disordered arrangement of all pixels, the site. Try to find a good amount of space to make your content on your website visitors clear the page and give them a better television experience. White space is often more valuable than a distinctive design and layout.

Shortcuts are often used. There are many combinations that can be used in the design of the page. Learn a lot about links. You can also use the HTML code that allows you to edit the pages quickly without reloading.

In contrast to respect the aesthetic design of the website, one of the most important things that minimizes the file size. The website load time will have directly from the affected files on your site. You want your site to load fast so that the visitor has not lost the patience with it. Keep in mind that there are still many people who are not high-speed internet. Try to check your site regularly, especially during slow dial-up modem. This will help to ensure the load quickly in any situation.

If you want your site to be more visible to users who need to learn useful articles about web design, this provides many useful tips for selecting the appropriate meta tags for each page. Good meta tags help search engines to arrange your site properly. If you use labels badly or worse, do not use it, your site will have fewer visitors total.

You want your site to create an area to be built on the feedback from visitors. This provides for a mechanism that will let the visitors know if something is broken, it is not as it should, or messing screen does not work. First visitors to your website, who have participated intelligently, will arrive at your site.

The more we practice and learn web design is easier and more convenient for you. Start by taking a few simple pages using C + and HTML to see if you are ready to tackle the most complex projects. It is important to start with the shortest possible time in practice.

Place it for personal photos on your website look better. These pictures are a lot of personality on your site. People are more likely to stay in place when all the photos wait for your visit.

If you travel writer technology, I wonder about the use of smart phones, when we travel. By the time we go abroad with our phones, we find overwhelming and confusing jargon, an expensive roaming agreement, contrast and unusual transmission tips. Trying to discuss the shades of GSM frequency bands or iPhone unlock codes with a mobile phone operator in a dusty city of Cambodia is not my idea of ​​pleasure, and I doubt it belongs to you.

Because we all want our smartphone to work, when we travel, I have concocted this guide for everything you need to know to use the phone, somehow, when it is in the way. It is detailed, but not too complicated, and money, time and save a lot of frustration (and extra resources in the end).
Does my phone work abroad?

The first thing is to check if the phone works physically abroad. Many countries and mobile phone companies use different technologies and frequencies, and the phone must be compatible with their workplace. The most common cellular technology is GSM, and is widely used in many parts of the world. CDMA is less common, but is used by Verizon and Sprint in some airlines elsewhere in the US and – if the phone is only CDMA compatible, it is very likely to work internationally.

Even if you have a GSM, however, the phone you should always ensure that the means used in their goals frequencies. For the ability to make calls, text and 3G data in many parts of the world to send and receive, search for the words “four band” bands 850/900/1800/1900 MHz or specific specification. If your phone supports the four, that has a lot of problems when you travel. On this page you will find detailed frequencies GSM information for almost all countries.

However, do not worry, because phones these days are built to work in different countries, so there is a 99% chance that the phone will work overseas.

If you have found the next obstacle: unlock.

What is an unlocked phone and why is it important?

When it comes to traveling, you hear a lot about open phones that are not very useful if you do not know what they are and if you have one.

If you receive a smartphone free or zero-coupon by signing a maintenance contract, it is possible that the network is disabled (this is especially true for Americans). This means that your phone company seems to use your phone for something other than its own network. In a very shady movement, a number of companies in the United States also locks the phones that paid the full price at the time of purchase, especially the open version.

The phone is locked, you are stuck with cells that pay the company roaming charges when you land at your destination until you go home.

Locked phones are frequent when. From the United States, Australia and New Zealand, and to a lesser extent in Europe and Asia, where the payment of the full price of unlocked devices is typical if you are not sure whether the phone is Unlocked, contact your service.

An unlocked phone is a phone that can be used anywhere in the world. You can replace the SIM card while traveling around the world and put the local SIM cards inside as you go.

Bad roaming?

Yes, almost always. Your existing phone plan is not usually abroad and in general a much higher rate of duty if a call is made to send SMS or mobile data usage. Not every business is to get customers, but the stories to draw people into the house on a bill of several thousand dollars, after a short international voyage is not unusual.

There are some exceptions: T-Mobile USA offers free SMS and data (nits) in more than 120 countries as part of their plan simple selection and three British expanded their calls, text and data packets + 16 Other countries. If you are not with the vectors of this type, then the homelessness is a better option with business declarations and international packages are “special” expensive and poor value.

How do I unlock my phone?

The good news is that the phone for an active frequency; The bad news is that it is not always easy or cheap.

The first step is always in demand, the telephone company. The guidelines are very different, but the cells of the companies in the US, they are at least legally binding prepaid phones for a year of release, and contract phones after they are paid. This site has a good distribution of the policies in the different countries, but also if you are not officially authorized always pays to ask.

If your provider refuses to unlock the phone, you can always try to unlock code to find the right one. Companies like opening to sell on the basis of these codes for a few dollars. They do not work for any device that is guaranteed, but the company says the money is in back problems.

The best way is independent stores Telephone and release sites specialized to go and ask someone to unlock the phone for you. You can find open stores all over the world (particularly in Southeast Asia).

My phone is unlocked. And now?

Once you have enabled phone, purchase only a local SIM card in your destination. The procedure of prices and the difficulty varies, but usually between 10 and 50 / month $ $ payment for a total profit of calls, texts and data. Day and week programs are sometimes available when you are in a country for a shorter period.

This is an average inexpensive stay in contact with voice and data services traveling. The downside is that the SIM card change every time the change in the country, so you can (even if I remember from all places that you with a SIM card stack worldwide at the end, where it was!).

What if my phone does not work, or can not unlock?

If the phone does not go abroad to work, or can not unlock, you have some options:

1. Use Wi-Fi – The smartphone always connects well over Wi-Fi to replace calls with Skype or Google Voice SMS to WhatsApp and download travel extensively Use online applications when you are an off signal You will be surprised, How this approach works, is not very refreshing all the time.

2. Buying a smartphone budget – Although there is a lot of waste in the ground smartphone market, there are some fatsoenlijke phones travelers under $ 200 My style is the Motorola Moto G – add a microSD card, buy to store, But unlike that, it is a smartphone fast enough to hold with a battery that is used throughout the day and a “screen is used effectively 5 Tip: Collect it ..” international version “for maximum compatibility with” the stranger Is always on sale in the local SIM cards.

3. Hire a phone – you can rent phones at airports and several companies before you leave the house but I think just for a short trip to a country where my usual phone did not work. For something other than that, it is cheaper to buy a new one.

4. A mobile hotspot for sale rental – portable lamps are small devices that create a wireless network and share a mobile data connection – 5 or 10 devices on the network can connect to the rule that is created. You can download a rent for short commutes or puffed weekly rate, or you can use a local SIM card because the phone unlocks an access point and purchase maintenance. The smartphone will treat it like any other network Wi-Fi.

5. Using a tablet with features for mobile devices – If you already have a 3G / 4G tablet features of the network, there is the possibility that if unlocked you bought it. If so, if you can use more than one cell phone along the way – only data locally and the use of Skype and WhatsApp on your phone and SMS requirements just buy a SIM card. You can also use the device as an access point to share the connection with other devices.

6. Buy a mobile phone – If you are in a country for a while, “and all you need, calls, lyrics, and maybe a little” light surf the Internet, just buy the prepaid mobile phone cheaper, you can find , The local mobile communications company. Certainly, it will recognize probably not completely, but often these products can work for almost anything with a small credit, and it will pick up for a while to get the job done. The advantage? It is not really important when she falls into the toilet. If so survive the travel season, by the way, it’s easy on someone else when you leave.

As you can see, working abroad smartphone always the home of a big bill comes without, is not always an easy task. It has a bit “to do the footwork – at least, you should know where to go, on the phone functions and details of a contract that must wait for him to wait some time to talk to your company phone no matter how painful it is I can be sorry

With a little time, money and effort in the attack, but they know exactly what your options are as you prepare for the road and for most eventualities. Do your research, avoid the fraud, you have the right equipment with you and still able to maintain an affordable maintain, assemble the smartphone.

Sometimes you feel the boss of the iPad, not the other way around? It’s easy to lose time apps clumsy words or typing keyboard on the screen, but with some important tips to move Treacher Ipad water at home, like a pro.

The emphasis of these classes is to learn some of the advanced features of the iPad, for example, how to organize your iPad to launch applications without having to look for the application icon and keep the keyboard dictate the voice altogether.

If you are still learning the basics, be sure to visit class 101. IPAD these tips

Keep your tablet looking for my iPad

Let’s review now: Enable Search for my iPad. If you do not have this feature, when you turn the iPad on, you now have a device. As IPad has some options you are looking for a device: (1) can be sound on the iPad, so if you get lost on the sofa cushions, you can find it, (2) protector for “Lost Mode , Which blocks the iPad and display a custom message, and (3) can be used to delete the data on the device and set it to “like new”, which is very useful if you have a password lock password on the device, and Did you forget your password.

Do not search for apps

The most famous “There is an application for that”, motto has a downside. It’s easy to fill your iPad with many interesting applications, but you can also search for a specific task of the application.

The biggest waste of time for the iPad is a flow of a few full screen icons for all the screen icons to find a particular application. Instead of trying to hunt, we work for you IPad.

There are two ways that the iPad is the app for you: (1) Siri can say “{name} Open Day” or (2) you can clear the screen (make sure the top of the screen) to access the Application in the approach.

Spotlight search for contacts, music, movies and apps (yes), available on the iPad.

Do not be afraid of the records

Another great way to organize your iPad home screen is the use of folders. You can create a folder by simply dragging an apartment into another application. This creates a folder. In the experiment, based on the category of iPad applications, but you can rename the folder. The first thing I do when I create a new IPad, consolidate all the standard applications I do not do very often as a kiosk, souvenirs and photos, supposedly in a folder I call “layout”. Removes the first screen for useful applications.

Dock Complementary application

Did you know that you can get up to six applications iPad springs? Dock is the icon bar on the bottom, which is always there, regardless of the applications on the screen, now. The application moves in the Dock, the screen is fixed. You can also create a folder on the dock, allowing you to organize the iPad. Portfolio folders, and most commonly used applications

Save your favorite sites Home

Now we have a way of applications and applications open quickly, and we have this property something fun. Web pages to save the wallpaper by clicking the page in Safari, click the Send button and select “Add to Home” from the second level of the keys that appear on the screen.

This can be a great way to save your favorite websites. You can also use website symbols in a folder and put that folder in the panel to get your tag, which will always be to make it easily accessible.

Siri is your friend

I met many iPad users, who say they do not use Siri. Sometimes this is because they simply do not know what Siri can do for them. Other times, you simply feel silly talking to your device. However, after using Siri, it can be very useful.

We have already seen how Siri to launch the application. They also have access to the program settings, and said, “Open the {}” and settings apply if you adjust the general settings for your iPad, such as the voucher or customize the background application. Screen, Siri only “open tuning” to say to start for the iPad application settings.

But it can do much more to perform these tasks. I use it to remind yourself to perform tasks such as garbage. And when I cook, I used Siri as a timer. When I travel, I use Siri as an alarm clock instead of playing in the hotel room. And if you are more organized, schedule meetings and events with her.

You can also search for restaurants in the area (and even a table with many of them book), currency conversion, calculate the tip tell you how many calories there are in the donut from a number of other tricks.

Siri can take dictation

If you are on hate on the keyboard, so that Siri can take dictation voice. (I told you it was a productive!) The on-screen keyboard has a button that looks like a microphone next to the space bar. Click here to dictate to voice enable this button. Siri to hear what you have to say in a text and converts. Even right words “and two” recognized depending on the context.

Click on the top bar up

Want a quick way to return to the beginning of the website? Double-click on the top panel IPad shows some time. If you have a website that will lead you to move to the top. This does not work in all web sites, but works in most of them.

Forget the apostrophe

Small writing trick, do not waste time with an apostrophe in abbreviations such as “no” and write “no”. automatic correction IPad an apostrophe, the need to display the icons to switch removal place an apostrophe itself. The only obstacle is the fight that another word when the apostrophe in the side, as “good”, but there is something about the other: the last letter again (such as writing “welll” A good compression,

The division of the keyboard

The skillful writing with thumbs up on a smartphone than typing fingers on the tablet? In fact, you can split the keyboard into two iPad screens. Only “access” to both thumbs in the middle of the keyboard made, and then parts of the fingers move apart on opposite sides of the iPad. The keyboard is on the left and right, which is easily accessible with your fingers to effectively mimic keyboard smartphone.

Would you put it together? Exactly the opposite movement her fingers to the edges of the keyboard to the center of the screen.

I do not like the default keyboard? Install a custom keyboard on your iPad.

Change applications with gestures

If you skip a lot between applications, you know these things. While this may change the application by double-clicking the start button and the problem with the help of the screen, you can skip this step, to play up to four fingers on the screen of the device, and (without lift eyes) with your fingers the movement to the left or right. This will change between the most recently opened applications.

You need to enable multitasking gestures. You can enable them to make the iPad when not activated. “General” parameter settings.

Learn how to start the new iPad

The resolution of the biggest challenges for an adaptation of the proposed device. This is the first thing that most of the support staff will ask you not to matter what kind of device you are using, and this applies to the iPad as your laptop.

Some people believe that simply suspend iPad Sleep / Wake button or the Smart Cover Close the same as the conclusion of the matter, but it is not. It just brings sleep IPad.

To start the new iPad, you must turn off the line for the sleep / wake up to what he says, “turn off Slide” device. Slide the iPad, the power button on the right.

play the circular animation closed on IPad. If the screen is black, hold to activate the Sleep / Wake button on the iPad. If you have the Apple logo, release the button.

The fact that you can use on the website does not mean you need to know the correct way ok.It requires some skill with HTML to create property projects. Be sure to read the following tips to help design.

There is nothing worse than visiting a website and by advertising or subscription contacts will be attacked Bulletin pop-ups. Many people will leave a site that has a pop-up, not the size of the site is important. Stay away to ensure customers back from annoying ads. If your host provides more choice of pop-up windows, it’s time to change your web hosting provider.

Of course, new content can be a major asset, you can optimize the prudent use of keyword matching. The right keywords people know, use your site through a search engine, it is imperative for your website to be successful.

No matter what your website looks like it, it is important that these files are designed on the small side. In fact, the size of the web files directly to loading times.Itu is always a good idea for your website to load as quickly as possible. Also keep in mind that all visitors have a fast internet connection. Test your site to make sure it loads quickly even on a modem option.

Use ALT tags for images. The label is very important for the segment with disabilities to go to your website and images of people. If you have an image that has a band, a label that describes the relationship as well.

The goal could be a smart and effective choice of color for your website. They make white background copy easier to read and not be distracted by the background design you visitors.Complicated can distract the visitor and make the site feel less professional. simple environment.

You need to check your web site in multiple browsers. Each browser has a slightly different way describe the website, and this variation can significantly change the user interface. There are many resources available in which you can go to find out what it is used by most Internet browsers frequently. Use all popular browsers on your site, including mobile web browser for testing.

Practice as much as possible at all stages of developing the site as long as you get better. This will help to consolidate what is learned in the bigger picture and treat it much easier for you. Want to spend studying and did not hold any of the information, long time.

Although more than troubleshooting your interest in design might look like, you have to use your imagination in designing your website.

By using FileZilla as a file server, you have to quickly adjust port settings menu to the right user name and domain. This will help you have enough time.

As on the website you have something you want to video hosting, you should first check with your web hosting provider, which will allow. Many web servers do not allow any video hosting on their servers. FLV files are used for video, both modern can consume too much disk space or using too much bandwidth, so make sure that it is allowed before losing the belt.

It is very important for bloggers and forum owners that allows people to comment on their website. website design still maintains the quality of their sites so that is not filled with debris.

Make sure the content of your site.It very useful to control other people in this country.

The size of the message of the ad on your site should be minimized. You do not want to put people with good surfing experience.

Try to create a favicon for your website. This simple icon appears on your site as a bookmark bookmark that connects you to the front. A good favicon is easy to remember, your page will jump to create a list of favorites. Trying to design a favicon logo and brand.

The widespread use of “white space”. It is an empty space on your web pages. too much space is not on their side or forced to close. Space to create a page and feel good about your site.

Make sure you have a descriptive title for your website. You will see that this mistake was made. You need to make your website name. Search engines are an important part of their algorithm, when it comes to Search Engine Optimization.

design ideas from other sites, you will make your site.

Since some taken from the most popular domain names, it would be nice to use the domain name auction sites like Sedo.You search for a name, or never buy a domain that is used as the use of more and can be connected to another location to be convenient for sale.

Every website needs to make the code is approved. There are many publishers that adds anti-spam code above, to build a website. If you use one of these programs, visit your site and code to test the service. World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) offers a free service, proven on the web page.

After reading the tips in this article, you can understand that the site design is not too difficult. They do not include specific skills, though, and it takes a lot of accurate information. Using the information you read in desi magnificent site.

Web hosting – this is the time for an hour today, and what both do. In the web server so easy to select. In the market for this service it has increased in the year. You have many options.

In the fierce market competition, different companies offer bonuses with it, and the buyer. However, not everyone can afford to use the use of e’ikea websites’m in a good light, and some fights are just games.

Or choose a trustworthy hosting provider

Mālama’oe test the most common place to follow our advice. You can see the faces, so more research is needed to wait for web hosting technology. That is, keep in mind that we take the wrong side and scams, but there is much more out there. And go for the wireless technology company.

Traffic speed and the tax

Many web servers tell their unlimited bandwidth / traffic / year. Every really a great time, but also “limited unlimited” bandwidth. How to do it? A vote.

In most cases, an unlimited amount of traffic is offered, but the transmission rate is limited to something like 1 MB / s. If your program is all back at this time, but you should be aware of the laws of this restriction as to whether your program is growing.

Each of the war, high-speed data transfer to provide, but with some small capacity time. A small group of web hosts that really give the top speed capacity and traffic, and the number of users the site accesses each month. Be sure to consider your contract carefully – the number of districts in terms of pace.


Or additional fees hidden for a penny cases. At the time of writing this article, some companies offer more services for the new custom compensation – really one of them need. The problem is that some hosts of these supplements for you- the only thing to do in this case is pono’olua the time to go through the registration process.

Percent Uptime

Uptime is the time to keep your website online, and do well. Most web servers will give you back a reason pae’ōnaehana. While others fulfill their promises, most do not.

They will also provide some sites that work independent timing. Your data will not be taken seriously: I have always depend on the availability of Internet servers. Suppliers understand and use to make good centralized their own websites server, but the server could have its property services haawi’u’uku. It’O easy, right?

Spa treatments

Such a system, like ABC – to provide a service without payment when you log in, but after a year and has a great new service interest rates.

This rule applies to the domain name. Many web servers are offered to the public for the first year. It is unusual that a web server for the system you are planning to use, you will be before the original payment less in the first year and double cabin two years. Therefore, it is important to read the usage contract, and I can not emphasize enough.

Error buyer

The user intends to investigate this? V? Program: Sale of the package means that you have only a part of the center. And these poor quarters, and they will place your website.

To avoid this situation, some manufacturers claim that only a limited number of vendors are in the same domain (for example, 100 and 150). This trick: Experts say that most of the web hosting companies, not just to this standard.

You may wonder how can this information help you make a selection, and the general plan? The answer is obvious: first, believe in the “success”: Second, the manufacturer is responsible for this responsibility or kaulike’ole known. They can be kaulike’ole others. The purpose of the army is good.

Now you have web host the location in memory for you, you can get everything, and get a better service. Remember, these are only there some pages. In memory of the company you may suspect are truly reliable, but thorough research and close examination of user agreements always pay off.